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The Braided Wing

  • Flies On The Green

    Flies On The Green

    Flaming Gorge is absolutely otherworldy. Home to the Green River and arguably the best fishing on the planet. We were just along for the ride on this one while Grant and Grant Jr. got to catch some fish and make some memories. Produced as part of a short series for the Utah Office of Tourism. You can see...
  • Hunting With Feathers

    Hunting With Feathers

    It was a great day with my good friend Chad, hunting predators on fly in our local waters. From Austin Lowery
  • Enjoy the Moment

    Enjoy the Moment

    Simply enjoy the being lost in the moment of fly fishing.
  • Great Big Minnows

    Great Big Minnows

    A few clips from a recent trip to Beaver Island, MI. This is a premier Carp fly fishing destination, and the flats, fish and community of Beaver Island are incredible...
  • Blue Halo Unicorns

    Blue Halo Unicorns

    Some people may think that Dolly Varden are undesirable, but we set out to find some of the largest most beautiful 'char' in existence. Breath taking views and gin clear water, we found what we were looking for, but it wasn't easy. Getting dropped off by bush plane to float miles of river in search of these beauties was an experience in and of itself.
  • Trico Morning

    Trico Morning

    "A little too warm to fish, but no harm in simply watching trout feeding on Trico spinners and duns." From Tightline Productions
  • Lees Ferry, Colorado, and Trout Bummin'

    Lees Ferry, Colorado, and Trout Bummin'

    We got a chance last week to spend some quality time at Lees Ferry with Stonefly Press partners Terry & Wendy Gunn and their son Troy! We had some business in Phoenix, and decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Turns out it wasn’t the best weather to fly into Arizona and Lees Ferry, but we didn’t know it when we booked the trip – the temperatures were supposed to rise up to a record-breaking 122!
  • Single Handers & Skaters

    Single Handers & Skaters

    Dillon Renton from Renton River Adventures and Sterling Dillingham from River Runner Outfitters Fishing for Steelhead in Oregon with single hand Fly Rods and Dry Flies.
  • 2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour Trailer

    2016 Fly Fishing Film Tour Trailer

    The original and preeminent exhibition of fly fishing cinema, The F3T is a one of a kind experience. Each year fishy folk of all ages gather at premieres to soak up films from around the world, spin a few yarns amongst friends and dream about casts still unmade.
  • In The Shadow of The Beartooths

    In The Shadow of The Beartooths

    In our final (I know, we're sad too!) video journal update before hunkering down to cut the full film, we somehow managed to drive the van over the daunting 10,947 ft summit of The Beartooth mountains before settling into our final destination on the Stillwater river in Absarokee. The fishing and company of my Aunt and Uncle were phenomenal, but we just couldn't shake the feeling that we weren't quite finished with the high country...

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