The Braided Wing

Baetis Train

Posted September 21, 2013 Stonefly.

Baetis Train



Baetis, Blue-Winged Olives, or just BWO. Whatever you call them, its more than likely they're the first mayfly to hatch in your area. Less colorful and much smaller than the mayflies that come to the party later in the season, they still provide outstanding dry-fly opportunities to fish that haven't been pressured for months on end.

While fishing these Olives all over central Pennsylvania, we couldn't help but notice the rails-to-streamside correlation. It seemed everywhere there was good Baetis hatches, there was the presence of trains as well. Could it be that the men who laid the plans to these tracks just wanted to gain quick, and easy access, to the best early-season dry fly fishing?

Kinda makes you wonder if they laid those steel rails, so they could fish the Blue-Wings.

All aboard the Baetis Train.

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