The Braided Wing

  • Avoid #23

    Avoid #23

    For years I held dreams of being a writer. I entertained visions of spending hour after hour pondering my angling muse while sitting at a table in some bohemian coffee shop, laptop in front of me, stacks of fan letters to be perused. Thoughts and stories racing through my imagination as heavily populated and potent as a salmon stream on their return home.
  • Where the Wild Fish Live

    Where the Wild Fish Live

    VIDEO: Where the Wild Fish Live a fly fishing journey to the Pitt River in British Columbia Canada.
  • Tailout - Down The Hatch Film Festival

    Tailout - Down The Hatch Film Festival

    VIDEO: For the Orvis "Down The Hatch" Fly Fishing and Film Festival at 2013 Guide Rendezvous, Wilma Theatre, Missoula MT.
  • Hopper Madness

    Hopper Madness

    VIDEO: Summertime hopper action with Lone Peak Outfitters. Lone Peak Outfitters offers guided fly-fishing adventures to the legendary waters of southwestern Montana.
  • Rise and Shine

    Rise and Shine

    VIDEO: Fly fishing beneath beautiful blue skies for tailwater brown trout in Oregon's agricultural mecca. At this time of year the angler is at the mercy of the irrigators and the farmers. In this instance the river levels did rise but after a brief delay the hatches reappeared and the big heads quickly followed.
  • Fly Life In Belize

    Fly Life In Belize

    Research and writing for my project with Stonefly Press, 25 Best Places to Fly Fish the Central American Coast, is allowing me to express what I live as I work and play in Belize.

    I work with thirteen first, second and now third generation fly fishing guides from San Pedro, Belize. I'm usually so busy running around making sure guides are well, boats are working and fly fishing guests happy, that I rarely step out of my bubble and stare back in.

  • Flats of the Third Coast

    Flats of the Third Coast

    VIDEO: Beaver Island used to be a Mormon kingdom....Now it's a world class carp fishery. This was shot in three days of the nastiest weather I've ever experienced on a fishing trip. But there's always lot more to fishing than catching fish. Looking forward to going back soon when there's not brutal wind and only intermittent sunshine.
  • Carp Fly Fishing on the South Platte River

    Carp Fly Fishing on the South Platte River

    VIDEO: Carp fly fishing on the South Platte River in Denver Colorado.
  • First Trout

    First Trout

    Four years ago when I met my fiancé Laura, she wouldn’t have known the difference between A-Rod and a fly rod. Being a Texan who spends much of his time backpacking, camping, and fly fishing, and the rest of the time writing about it all, I took it upon myself to teach Laura to fly fish. Despite living in the DFW Metroplex for the last ten years, she nonetheless loves the mountains and the outdoors and seemed open to the idea.
  • Low & Clear Official Trailer

    Low & Clear Official Trailer

    VIDEO: from Finback Films

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