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  • Costa Jungle Fish Trailer: Large Arapaima Caught

    Costa Jungle Fish Trailer: Large Arapaima Caught

    VIDEO: Follow three expert fishermen as they undertake on a two-week voyage deep into the heart of Guyana's jungle. Their mission: to demonstrate that the arapaima, one of the world's largest freshwater fish, can be caught with a fly rod. If they succeed, it will prove that the country's fledgling sports fishing industry is viable. And that will mean a brighter future for the native peoples, the rainforest they call home -- and the endangered monster arapaima itself.
  • Big Smallmouths, Small Streams

    Big Smallmouths, Small Streams

    Indiana weather, as most of the Midwest in Spring, can be pretty frustrating. The typical scenario is a beautiful, warm, sunshine-filled week, with rain setting in on Friday evening and blowing out the streams for the weekend. The first week of May was no different, with rain forecast Friday - Sunday once again. David and I decided to jump the weather and head out after work on Thursday instead. I drove straight from Chicago on Wednesday to southern Indiana and a favorite smallmouth stream. The water was still high and fairly fast after the past weekend's rains, but it was definitely starting to settle down. I hooked one smallie in about 20 minutes, and then started making plans for the following day when the water was milder. Thursday conditions were perfect for smallmouth streams. Continue reading

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