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  • Southern Fried Rewind

    Southern Fried Rewind

    VIDEO: Re-capping some of the past S.C.O.F. outings.
  • Robert Tomes & Muskie on the Fly

    Robert Tomes & Muskie on the Fly

    Fly fishing for muskie is not for the impatient, nor for the faint of heart. The rewards with this warmwater species are simply jaw-dropping - colossal, aggressive, smashmouth takes, often with an aerial show. It's a warmwater gamefish whose rapidly growing popularity is expanding the fly fisherman's portfolio, without requiring a passport and a hefty bank roll. Robert Tomes, the author of Muskie on the Fly, arguably the most definitive book on the sport from a guy that has dedicated more time to the species than almost anyone else alive, was gracious enough to write a guest blog for us. In it, he shares an anecdote from his field research for his upcoming Stonefly Press book about the premier places to fly fish for muskie. If you want to expand your fly fishing portfolio, and get a massive payoff in the process, get to know more about muskie fly fishing.
  • Fly Fishing Through Smoky Mountains Rain

    Fly Fishing Through Smoky Mountains Rain

    So sometimes it rains, right? After driving six hours to the Smokies, stopping along the way to pick up a buddy from Lexington (KY), and driving through the Pigeon Forge wasteland, we arrived just after sunrise at the Elkmont Campground in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Beautiful morning, sunshine, but with a forecast for rain that we knew was coming. The picture above of a nice brown trout from the Little River that looks just about how the day looked throughout - misty, foggy, and frequently just downright pouring. I'm sure better pictures can be taken in the rain. Just none that I took. The brown actually came from the lower stretches of the Little, well below Elkmont. Continue reading

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