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  • Williams & McPhail in the Gila Wilderness

    Williams & McPhail in the Gila Wilderness

    Mark D. Williams and W. Chad McPhail, authors of the soon-to-publish An Introduction to Fly Fishing for Trout (Stonefly Press, 2013), share a hilarious story from a hike-in trip to the Gila Wilderness in southern New Mexico. This behind-the-scenes story is a hallmark of their work - personal, reflective, and funny. Their books will add the strategies and really practical tips we all love - what to fish, where to fish, how to fish, what to wear, even where to get a cold drink - but here they take a second to share a funny moment about the crazy shit we all go through at times to reach the fish. Great stuff, and we're looking for more in their future books, 50 Best Places to Fly Fish the Southwest (Stonefly Press, 2013) and New Mexico Fly Fishing (Stonefly Press, 2014).

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