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  • Al Ritt and Adaptable Multi-Species Flies

    Al Ritt and Adaptable Multi-Species Flies

    One of the great fly tyers, Al Ritt has a professional resume as long and winding as the Great Wall. A lot of folks know him as Brand Manager for PEAK Fishing, a manufacturer of premium quality fly tying vises and bamboo rod-making planing forms and tools, for whom he does numerous fly shows across North America. But that's really just the beginning.
  • Intricate Bay, Alaska Video by Dave McCoy

    Intricate Bay, Alaska Video by Dave McCoy

    VIDEO: Within the Bristol Bay region of Alaska there is no lack of fly angling opportunities... here we explore the wild west if you will of what Intricate Bay Lodge can offer from their pristine location on the shores of Lake Illiamna. Let us know when you are ready to come up...bears and fish are awaiting your arrival!
  • Matt Guymon Photography

    Matt Guymon Photography

    Matt Guymon is a freelance Troutbum/photographer living in the great state of Utah. He has always had a extreme passion for the wild and photographing it. Fly fishing became the perfect segway for him to show his perspective of the micro world of water and fish, and the people who have dedicated their souls to the ever evolving sport. The feeling you get of being on the water is the most notable characteristic of his photography. He has a way of taking you into the moment without stuffing it down your throat. Their is a special feeling you get when on the water with a flyrod and, he seems to be able to capture it. He has been working in the industry for over ten years with some of the biggest name such as Orvis, Rio, Temple Fork Outfitters, and Cheeky Fly Reels just to name a few. His Photography has also been featured on several mainstream websites and in digital magazines such as Catch.
  • Conway Bowman & the IGFA Redfish Record

    Conway Bowman & the IGFA Redfish Record

    Conway Bowman is perhaps best known as the guy who stalks Mako sharks on the fly, but that's just scratching the surface. You may better recognize him as the current host of Sportsman Channel's popular Fly Fishing the World series, or as the former host of ESPN’s In Search of Fly Water, Primal Predator and Versus Network’s Dollar Wise Fly. He is also sole owner/operator of Bowman Bluewater out of San Diego, Southern California’s premiere saltwater fly fishing guide service, and principal owner of the Ragged Edge Fly Fishing School. His name has become synonymous with “extreme” fly fishing, while traveling the world in search of Atlantic salmon, steelhead, wild trout, redfish, bonefish, and tarpon.
  • Warm Water Travel Video by Dave McCoy

    Warm Water Travel Video by Dave McCoy

    VIDEO: The first of Dave McCoy's new series of promotional videos that will highlight some of the more unique angling destinations he's chosen to work with around the world. Here he visits Hawaii, Honduras and Christmas Island.
  • Russell Schnitzer Photography

    Russell Schnitzer Photography

    Russell Schnitzer is an award-winning commercial, freelance and fine art photographer specializing in fly fishing and outdoor adventure travel. His images have been shown throughout the western United States, both in galleries and published works. Publication credits include,, Trout Magazine, Patagonia (tm) catalogs, Fly Fish America, Fly Rod & Reel, American Fisheries and several conservation titles, including the newest edition of 100 Greatest Trout Streams in America and a forthcoming title from Abrams Publishing. He is a regular contributor to The Contemporary Sportsman, The Flyfish Journal, Drake Magazine, and other fly fishing titles. Schnitzer's recent commercial clients include Orvis, Brunton Outdoor Group, and Patagonia. In July 2011, one of Schnitzer's images was featured by National Geographic.
  • Dave McCoy Photography

    Dave McCoy Photography

    I have been in the fly fishing industry in one form or another for 21 years now professionally. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon where every single person in my family fly fished so I had no chance of escaping it. Perusing old photo albums, there are images of me with a fly rod in hand while wearing a diaper, if that tells you anything! My dad introduced me to fishing as well as experiencing and enjoying life in the outdoors. Growing up in the Eugene area, my stomping grounds were and remain legendary namesakes; Crane Prairie and Hosmer Lakes, the Deschutes, McKenzie and Umpqua Rivers to name a few. I quickly discovered the thrill of having a fish on, but was always in awe of my surroundings.

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