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  • On the Making of 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish

    On the Making of 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish

    Being an expert on one's own tailwater is difficult enough; trying to be an expert on 50 other tailwaters is impossible. When we first began discussions on this book with Stonefly Press, Wendy I and both realized that even if we dedicated the time to do the ultimate road trip and fished all these waters, that we would be just seeing a snapshot of what each river had to offer...
  • Camp 584

    Camp 584

    VIDEO: Camp 584: Fish, friendship & dogs. No less, no more. From Jason Atkinson & Flying A Films.
  • Pursuing the Catch

    Pursuing the Catch

    VIDEO: Conway Bowman mentioned he had caught mako sharks on a kayak before; but he hinted he never tried it while on a stand-up paddle board.
  • Artic Sea Trout

    Artic Sea Trout

    VIDEO: Flyfishing Northern Norway Winter Storm 2013 Bodø. Four seasons in one day.

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