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  • Seeing Red

    Seeing Red

    VIDEO: Houston. The 4th largest city in the United States. Only New York City has more Fortune 500 companies. Houston’s industries include NASA, healthcare and most notably, energy. It’s here in the heart of Big Oil that we found a heart-stopping, adrenaline-pumping, fishery, featuring sight-fishing with fly rods for redfish. Here's a short film showing a day on the water with guide Steve Soule' chasing redfish in the mud and grass flats just outside the Houston city limits in nearby Galveston Bay.
  • Red Like Winter: The Trailer

    Red Like Winter: The Trailer

    VIDEO: Shot in December 2010 in the Louisiana Marsh, Red Like Winter captures on film some of the most amazing monster winter redfish caught on fly ever recorded. See the full length film on the 2011 Fly Fishing Film Tour.
  • Trout Takes

    Trout Takes

    VIDEO: Just a few good takes that we liked from the 08' summer.
  • Still Winter

    Still Winter

    VIDEO: Every year around this date the expectation is for the weather to be warmer. The plan was to streamer fish but 20 degree temps and wind chills in the teens said otherwise, it's still winter... From Fly Fish the Mitt

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