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  • Why Do We Love Bonefish?

    Why Do We Love Bonefish?

    This is the first of three movies we shot in Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. We were fishing from La Tortuga - a house boat moored in a deserted archipelago about 3 hours' boat ride from the mainland. During the week, we caught all sorts of species, including jacks, snapper, barracuda and tarpon - most of which were hooked on fly...
  • Ride the Tide

    Ride the Tide

    Steelhead are one of the most revered species, for a fly fisherman to catch. The cold, foggy mornings spent along a coastal stream, call to the soul of the fly fisherman. Chrome, the color of strength, stamina and survival; the epic journey that steelhead go on, make them the a truly special fish. These steelhead literally ride the tide into the clean, cold rivers that reach into the ocean...on a mission to return to their home waters.
  • WTRR Best of 2014

    WTRR Best of 2014

    A 7 minute film recapping the best footage WTRR gathered over calendar year 2014. 2014 was indeed a good year but they have much greater ambitions for their 2015 films.

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