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  • Lees Ferry, Colorado, and Trout Bummin'

    Lees Ferry, Colorado, and Trout Bummin'

    We got a chance last week to spend some quality time at Lees Ferry with Stonefly Press partners Terry & Wendy Gunn and their son Troy! We had some business in Phoenix, and decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Turns out it wasn’t the best weather to fly into Arizona and Lees Ferry, but we didn’t know it when we booked the trip – the temperatures were supposed to rise up to a record-breaking 122!
  • Eastern Brook Trout Habitat Partnership Turns 10

    Eastern Brook Trout Habitat Partnership Turns 10

    It's been ten years since the founding members of the Eastern Brook Trout Joint Venture first established a successful and flourishing partnership. Fisheries biologist, Catherine Gatenby, Ph.D. shares her story about the partnership's conservation journey, and highlights many of the natural resource accomplishments achieved during the past decade...
  • 50 Best Places Fly Fishing the Southeast

    50 Best Places Fly Fishing the Southeast

    When we started the conversation with Stonefly Press about a book covering the fifty best places to fly fish in the southeastern United States, it seemed like a simple enough undertaking. But the southeast offers opportunities that are not present anywhere else in the country, and hence posed a challenge in putting the book together - world class trout streams that draw anglers from around the country, some of the finest saltwater destinations in the world, and outstanding warm water fisheries as well.
  • Donkey Hunt

    Donkey Hunt

    The scent of freshly made blueberry scones intermingles with the brewing pot of hazelnut coffee and locally made Italian sandwiches are packed way in the Yeti. There is no sleep at this crazy farm. Fear of missing my 4:30 am alarm is negated by our Dane/Labs culinary delight of eating my daughter’s sock and then attempting to hack it back up all night long... that's OK, who can sleep when they are prepped to hunt swamp donkeys? We are going to meet some old TU buddies and some new friends 2 hours away on the Trophy Waters of Mio on the Au Sable River...
  • Trout Fishing in Central Kentucky?

    Trout Fishing in Central Kentucky?

    Occasionally, life presents a completely unexpected opportunity. I was raised in central Kentucky in the heart of the Bluegrass State's thoroughbred country, and even returned for 3-4 years in my 20s. There were tremendous opportunities for fishing – Kentucky Lake, Barren River Lake, Green River, Dale Hollow Lake, Cumberland River and Lake, the Kentucky River, The Ohio – and most importantly to me, smallmouth streams like the North and South Elkhorn, Drake's Creek, Salt River, North Fork of the Licking River, among others. But trout were few and far between, and holdover and wild trout? Despite some exceptional trout-fishing opportunities in border states West Virginia, Virginia, and Tennessee (the Great Smoky Mountains!), there were few opportunities.
  • On the Making of 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish

    On the Making of 50 Best Tailwaters to Fly Fish

    Being an expert on one's own tailwater is difficult enough; trying to be an expert on 50 other tailwaters is impossible. When we first began discussions on this book with Stonefly Press, Wendy I and both realized that even if we dedicated the time to do the ultimate road trip and fished all these waters, that we would be just seeing a snapshot of what each river had to offer...
  • Blitzing Stripers of Montauk

    Blitzing Stripers of Montauk

    I can remember back some 20 years ago, hearing about fly fishing for stripers on the east coast... specifically, Montauk. Being a west guy, I had at that point never traveled further east than Chicago, and had no clue what the east coast was all about. In my mind, it was a place of tall buildings, lots of people, and very small waves.
  • The Best Western Towns to Fly Fish for Trout

    The Best Western Towns to Fly Fish for Trout

    On Tuesday July 30th I departed Maine for a whirlwind tour of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming in support of my upcoming book 25 Best Towns to Fly Fish for Trout. Nine of the towns featured in the book are located in these three states. My wife - and designated photographer - and I drove from central Maine to Boston with a 2-day stop in between in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We were chasing some small stream brook trout for another book project I am working on – 25 Best Places to Fly Fish for Brook Trout. Once in Boston we hopped an early a.m. flight to Bozeman, Montana.
  • Avoid #23

    Avoid #23

    For years I held dreams of being a writer. I entertained visions of spending hour after hour pondering my angling muse while sitting at a table in some bohemian coffee shop, laptop in front of me, stacks of fan letters to be perused. Thoughts and stories racing through my imagination as heavily populated and potent as a salmon stream on their return home.
  • Fly Life In Belize

    Fly Life In Belize

    Research and writing for my project with Stonefly Press, 25 Best Places to Fly Fish the Central American Coast, is allowing me to express what I live as I work and play in Belize.

    I work with thirteen first, second and now third generation fly fishing guides from San Pedro, Belize. I'm usually so busy running around making sure guides are well, boats are working and fly fishing guests happy, that I rarely step out of my bubble and stare back in.

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