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Dave McCoy Photography

Posted January 1, 2013 Stonefly.

Dave McCoy Photography

Dave McCoy
Professional Fly Fishing Guide
EWA Owner and Staff Trainer

I have been in the fly fishing industry in one form or another for 21 years now professionally. I grew up in Eugene, Oregon where every single person in my family fly fished so I had no chance of escaping it. Perusing old photo albums, there are images of me with a fly rod in hand while wearing a diaper, if that tells you anything!

My dad introduced me to fishing as well as experiencing and enjoying life in the outdoors. Growing up in the Eugene area, my stomping grounds were and remain legendary namesakes; Crane Prairie and Hosmer Lakes, the Deschutes, McKenzie and Umpqua Rivers to name a few. I quickly discovered the thrill of having a fish on, but was always in awe of my surroundings.

Later, and via other outdoor professions, this passion catapulted me from the premier steelhead waters of the PNW to the finest trout fishing in the Rockies and to this day drives me to pursue other species in Central America, Caribbean, India, Tierra del Fuego, Mongolia, South Pacific and beyond.
As a guide service, we view our place and purpose in this industry differently than most. While we strive to make money, we also realize we are as grass root of an effort to educate our clients, 2 at a time, on the state of our natural resources both locally and beyond. We also take seriously the credos, “a picture is worth 1000 words” and “take only pictures and leave only foot prints” as every trip we provide is intended to be as unique to each client as possible.
To follow in those footsteps and inspired by family, friends and industry icons, we took our company green in order to leave as small a “footprint” as possible on the resources we depend upon.
See our Green Page here:

My vision was to bring Seattle and the Pacific NW a fly fishing outfitter that would set a new standard for other guide services in the industry and help shape the views and beliefs of others. We have accomplished this and continue to push that very envelope every day.
Currently I work closely with Winston, Bauer, Airflo and Rajeff Sports as a proud member of their respective pro staff and ambassador programs to help drive positive change in the products we use everyday.

I am nothing in my pursuits without my wife Natalie and daughter Nessa who constantly remind me why I am so inspired, without saying a word.

Patagonia Ambassador
Winston Fly Rod pro staff
Bauer Fly Reel pro staff
Airflo Fly Line/Rajeff Sports pro staff
Koffler Boat pro staff
Filson pro staff
Loon Outdoor Products Guide
Oakley pro athlete
GreenFish Ambassador
Recycled Waders Ambassador
FFF Certified Casting Instructor
Life Member Trout Unlimited
Member Wild Steelhead Coalition
Member Wild Fish Conservancy
Member Washington Fly Fishing Club