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  • Intricate Bay, Alaska Video by Dave McCoy

    Intricate Bay, Alaska Video by Dave McCoy

    VIDEO: Within the Bristol Bay region of Alaska there is no lack of fly angling opportunities... here we explore the wild west if you will of what Intricate Bay Lodge can offer from their pristine location on the shores of Lake Illiamna. Let us know when you are ready to come up...bears and fish are awaiting your arrival!
  • Warm Water Travel Video by Dave McCoy

    Warm Water Travel Video by Dave McCoy

    VIDEO: The first of Dave McCoy's new series of promotional videos that will highlight some of the more unique angling destinations he's chosen to work with around the world. Here he visits Hawaii, Honduras and Christmas Island.
  • Costa: Beyond Polarized

    Costa: Beyond Polarized

    VIDEO: Where Glare Goes To Die. Most polarized lenses eliminate glare by blocking reflected light. But Costa's patented 580 lenses go farther, blocking perfect amounts of harsh yellow light while enhancing reds, blues and greens. The result: less haze, less blur, greater contrast and greater clarity. Available in glass (580G), or a lightweight, impact-resistant plastic (580P), it's like seeing in high definition.
  • Southern Fried Rewind

    Southern Fried Rewind

    VIDEO: Re-capping some of the past S.C.O.F. outings.
  • Costa Sunglasses: Perfect Fit

    Costa Sunglasses: Perfect Fit

    VIDEO: Sure, a pair of sunglasses might look great, but how do they fit? Our hinges, temples and nose pads are the best in the business. Pushing the limits and rethinking what's possible. This attitude guides how we design our frames and choose the materials we use to make them.
  • Costa Jungle Fish Trailer: Large Arapaima Caught

    Costa Jungle Fish Trailer: Large Arapaima Caught

    VIDEO: Follow three expert fishermen as they undertake on a two-week voyage deep into the heart of Guyana's jungle. Their mission: to demonstrate that the arapaima, one of the world's largest freshwater fish, can be caught with a fly rod. If they succeed, it will prove that the country's fledgling sports fishing industry is viable. And that will mean a brighter future for the native peoples, the rainforest they call home -- and the endangered monster arapaima itself.

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