The Braided Wing

Matt Guymon Photography

Posted January 19, 2013 Stonefly.

Matt Guymon Photography

The outdoors has always had a way of teasing me into its web of mystery. I have a weakness of wonder and a need to know whats around the next bend. I find myself longing to embrace and explore it .

From my early days of childhood catching snakes, tadpoles, and frogs in the small creeks of suburban Ohio . To my juvenile days of hiking the Rockies until I found that special hidden piece of nature .I have always found and inner peace there. The sounds of mountain water rushing , birds singing, and then the void of sound, a pure silence found no where else.

Fly fishing was introduced to me in my 20's and, after being a life long dedicated chucker of rapallas and soft plastics it seemed time for the the evolutionary step. From the first moment... I felt it was the missing piece . I soon became entangled in the web and, felt no need to fish any other way. There is something about walking a river for miles and ending up in the middle of no where for a small wild trout that just worked for me . The smell of mountain morning air on a river enhanced with the romance of throwing a fly rod is a true thing of beauty.

As for the photography ....well it just works when your out there . You see things that most people don't get to and, even if they do they're so unique every time Its hard to compare it . Spending endless days chasing bugs hatching and, trout rising with the the hope of the one special moment that will bring the perfect light and composition is a rush . The best drug money can buy ! My goal is to tell the story of the one that did'nt get away and, the one that did and, all the heart felt moments in between . In the end I do it because I have no other choice , it is a part of me built into my DNA.... a life saving addiction.

I have been working in the industry for over ten years now with some of the biggest names in the business such as Orvis, Rio, Temple Fork Outfitters, William Joseph, and Cheeky Fly Reels just to name a few. My photography has also been featured on several mainstream websites and in digital magazines such as Catch.

The true story however lies in my pure love and uncontrollable passion for life, family, and, the water I can't get out of my head. My hope is my perspective and, original take on the lifestyle will separate me from the crowd. When you view these images I hope you can smell the river, feel the fish and, taste the air. The best images are the ones that envoke pure emotion leaving you lost in the moment.

This lifestyle is my dream. Walking water, camping in the sticks, and chasing big Trout with the people I love makes me happy. The photo is a way for me to trap the moment in time for ever. There are few things I can compare to the emotions encountered on the river, and those found along the banks of the Fly Life.

A majority of the photography on the Stonefly Press website was contributed by Matt Guymon. Please check him out at:

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