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  • Matt Guymon Photography

    Matt Guymon Photography

    Matt Guymon is a freelance Troutbum/photographer living in the great state of Utah. He has always had a extreme passion for the wild and photographing it. Fly fishing became the perfect segway for him to show his perspective of the micro world of water and fish, and the people who have dedicated their souls to the ever evolving sport. The feeling you get of being on the water is the most notable characteristic of his photography. He has a way of taking you into the moment without stuffing it down your throat. Their is a special feeling you get when on the water with a flyrod and, he seems to be able to capture it. He has been working in the industry for over ten years with some of the biggest name such as Orvis, Rio, Temple Fork Outfitters, and Cheeky Fly Reels just to name a few. His Photography has also been featured on several mainstream websites and in digital magazines such as Catch.

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