Our Mission

Stonefly Press is an independent publisher dedicated to an ambitious mission: To Support & Enhance River and Coastal Ecosystems. If we want more and better fishing opportunities with healthy and robust fish populations, we believe the mission must drive the business. We believe that waters are to the planet what blood is to the body, and that action to protect our waters and watersheds is needed at all levels - individual, organizational, and societal.

At the individual level, our books and services guide fly fishermen to the best fly fishing waters and sport fish, encouraging resource stewardship and helping them align their passion with their values and aspirations for clean, sustainable fisheries.

At the organizational level, our books and services endorse and support progressive outfitter, lodge, fly shop, and fisheries management practices with socially responsible approaches to business.

At the societal level, our books and services support sustainability and advance new solutions to state, national, and global issues. In addition, a portion of our net profits are distributed to various non-profit watershed stewards.

A major focus of our books and services is highlighting the “Best Of” – the best places to fish, the best species to pursue, the best authors to guide you, and the best fly shops and lodges to support. We strive to introduce you to new locations, new species, new techniques, new voices, new ideas, and to encourage aggressive ecosystem stewardship. We strive to practice what we preach - to operate our publishing company in line with the ideas in our books. At the core of our approach is stewardship, which we define as a deep sense of responsibility to administer the company for the benefit of all of our "stakeholder" groups: authors, customers, employees, service providers, and the communities and environment around us.