The Stonefly Press Story

Stonefly Press is the culmination of 60 combined years of book publishing among lifelong book publishers. We’ve worked together in one combination or another at the publishing imprints Little, Brown, HarperCollins, Cengage, SAGE and others. Along the way, we discovered a mutual love of books, beer, browns, and bourbon (and single malts). Once we began planning our fly fishing trips together – from spring creek smallies in the Midwest, rainbows and cutthroats in the Rockies, Kings in Alaska, and Reds in the Southeast – it wasn’t long before we began to put all the Stonefly Press pieces together. We set out to launch not just a book publishing company, but a publisher that brings its authors and its readers together, face-to-face, across the country and on the water, over drinks and beside a lodge fireplace or campfire. Our experience in creating quality and innovative books, paired with our commitment to exceptional service and services, sets us apart in the fly fishing industry.

We believe that the people we serve are our partners – our authors, our readers, our lodge and fly shop partners, our website community – and our goal is to bring them all together in one place. If you buy a Stonefly Press book and would love to fish with the author, book a trip with them on our site. We guarantee it will be one of the most memorable trips of your life! If you’re a fly shop and you’re looking for a demo or presentation from a high-profile author or fly fisherman, book them directly at our site, or search for other possible presenters by topic or species. We’ll work with you directly to help you find the absolute best fit for your event! If you want access to free, original content from our authors before you decide to buy their book or contract them – content only available from Stonefly Press – follow The Braided Wing directly from our home page. Submit your own grip-and-grin photos in pursuit of a Grand Slam badge to win discounts on any of our products or services. Enjoy stunning fly fishing videos and images in the videos and photography sections of The Braided Wing blog. Find unique Stonefly Press-endorsed products to order, or submit your own products for review and consideration. “Featured Fly Shops” and “Featured Lodges” will be highlighted on the site to put the spotlight on the personalities and backbone of our industry. Some of our favorite fly fishing photographers have their own section on the site, where we share samples of their incredible work, with links to their sites so you can see more or shop for prints. And our visually-driven, intuitive website design makes it easy to navigate to your favorite interests.

We are grateful to the thousands of friends who follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Stonefly Press blog, and who are part of the Stonefly Press community already. We welcome all your comments and input - we listen and respond! - and we hope that you will join us in Our Mission.