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Conway Bowman

Bio: Conway Bowman is the sole owner/operator of Bowman Bluewater, Southern California’s premiere saltwater fly fishing guide service, and principal owner of the Ragged Edge Fly Fishing School. Conway lives in San Diego, where he fly fishes for blue water species, and his name has become synonymous with “extreme” fly fishing - most notably for his pursuit of Mako sharks on the fly. He has traveled the world in search of Atlantic salmon, Steelhead, wild trout, Redfish, Bonefish, and Tarpon, and his exploits have been chronicled in various books and magazines including, Flyfish Journal, Fly Fisherman, The Drake, Fly Fishing Saltwater’s, Field & Stream, Men’s Journal, and SaltWater Sportsman. As former host of ESPN’s “In Search of Fly Water”, “Primal Predator” and Versus Network’s “Dollar Wise Fly”. SHOW MORE >

Conway currently holds the IGFA world record for redfish caught on the fly, a 41.65 pound bull on 10 kg tippet. Conway is an avid advocate for shark conservation, and aids researchers by raising funds for research, tagging Shortfin Mako sharks through his annual Flying Mako Charity Tournament. Conway is currently the host of the highly-rated weekly original TV series “Fly Fishing the World” on The Sportsman Channel. < SHOW LESS

Species of Focus: Saltwater, Carp, Trout

Regions of Focus: Worldwide

Topics of Focus: Mako Shark, Redfish, Saltwater 101, Travel Adventure Fly Fishing

Available for Events within Regions: LSE, Fred Hall, ICAST, All Fly Fishing Clubs


Day Rate: $$$ + L + T

Kirk Deeter

Bio: Kirk Deeter is the editor or TROUT magazine and an editor-at-large for Field & Stream. He is co-editor of Field & Stream’s “Fly Talk” weblog at, the “Fly Fishing Jazz” columnist for, and also the editor-in-chief of Angling Trade (the industry magazine covering fly fishing in America). Kirk is the author of five books, including The Little Red Book of Fly Fishing (co-authored with the late Denver Post outdoors editor Charlie Meyers), and most recently The Orvis Guide to Fly Fishing for Carp. Same Sport... One Played Wet, the Other Played Dry" ... "It's a Cultural Thing: Family, Friends, Fly Fishing and the Sacred Threads that Bind Them All Together" ... "The State of the Fly Fishing Industry" ... "Going Deep: Diving with the Fishes, and Lessons Learned." SHOW MORE >

Deeter has won numerous “Excellence in Craft” honors for magazine feature writing from the Outdoor Writer’s Association of America, and his essay “Carp Crazy” (illustrated by Ralph Steadman) was listed in America’s Best Sports Writing. He is known for his off-beat outdoor story angles from throughout the fishing world: Chasing mako sharks from kayaks… teaching Eskimos to be fly-fishing guides… fishing for Arapaima and Tarpon on the fly in the jungles of Guyana… the fishing-golf connection in Ireland... and scuba diving (a.k.a “Going Deep”) with Northern Pike, Bass, and Trout. His work has also appeared in the New York Times, Garden & Gun, The Drake, Fly Fisherman, Fly Rod & Reel, Big Sky Journal, SaltWater Sportsman, London's Daily Telegraph, the Denver Post, and elsewhere. He lives near Denver, Colorado, with his wife, Sarah, and son, Paul. < SHOW LESS

Species of Focus: Carp, Trout, Salmon, Tarpon, Snook, Redfish, Permit, Sharks, Arapaima, Dorado, Striped Bass, Tuna, Pike, Grayling, Dolly Varden, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, and more... all on the fly.

Regions of Focus: Grand Canyon, Chesapeake Bay, Colorado’s Luna River and Tributaries

Topics of Focus: Fly Fishing for Carp... Top of the Game, Off the Grid: Wild Fly Fishing Adventures from Around the World, 25 Things That Will Make You a Great Fly Angler, Being a Bigger Fish in the Pond: How to Make Money by Writing About Fishing, Fly Fishing and Golf

Available for Events within Regions: US, South America, and Europe


Day Rate: $$$$ + T

Terry Gunn

Bio: Terry was born and raised on a farm in Oklahoma. When not working on the farm, he was always fishing in one of the local creeks, rivers or ponds. His grandfather, Troy Holsted, was a devoted fan of Zane Grey and decided in the 1930′s that if Zane Grey was a fly fisherman, then Troy Holsted should also be a fly fisherman. In the 1960′s, his grandfather built a cabin in Taylor Park, Colorado and Terry spent his early years walking the high mountain streams watching his fly fishing mentor cast a Montague cane fly rod to rising fish. Every summer Terry still walks the same streams casting the same rod followed by his son, Troy. SHOW MORE >

Terry Gunn is co-owner and founder of Lees Ferry Anglers Fly Shop and Guide Service and Cliff Dwellers Lodge in Marble Canyon. Terry has been a full-time fishing guide since 1983 and is an internationally recognized fly fishing expert, author, photographer, and speaker. Terry has fished around the world in both fresh and saltwater. In 1986, he co-founded Crystal Creek Lodge, considered by many to be one of Alaska’s finest fly-out fishing lodges. He also started Baja Anglers, a fly fishing charter boat operation and retail store in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. He is a consultant to several leading manufacturers of fly fishing equipment and fishing lodges. He has held or holds 10 IGFA world records, all on flyrod both fresh and saltwater.

Terry’s wildlife and fly fishing photographs have appeared in most all of the outdoor magazines as well as books, journals, newspapers, calendars and brochures. He has been on the masthead of Fly Fisherman Magazine and Fish Alaska as Contributing Photographer. He is a recognized author and has published many technical as well as destination fly fishing articles for several magazines.

Terry and his wife Wendy are the co-hosts of "Fly Fish Television Magazine", an educational fly fishing show that has aired on Fox Sports National and International, the Outdoor Channel and Outdoor Life Network. They also have two videos, an "Introduction to Fly Fishing" and an "Introduction to Fly Casting". Terry was the photography host for the television series, "America’s Outdoor Journal". In addition, he has appeared on scores of other fly fishing shows including In "Search of Fly Waters", "Fly Fishing the World", "Fly Fishing America" and "Fly Fishing Video Magazine". Terry and his wife Wendy competed in the first ESPN Great Outdoor Games in Lake Placid, NY. < SHOW LESS

Species of Focus: Trout, Pacific Salmon, Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Roosterfish & Dorado, Permit, Bonefish, & Tarpon

Regions of Focus: Grand Canyon-Lees Ferry, Belize, Alaska, Mexico

Topics of Focus: Fresh and Saltwater Fly Fishing

Available for Events within Regions: US and Canada


Day Rate: $$$ + L + T

Wendy Gunn

Bio: It is unlikely that any woman in history has ever caught more fish, larger fish or more diverse fish than Wendy Hanvold Gunn. She has set and still holds IGFA World Records for the size of her catch - she was the first woman to land a striped marlin on a fly; and in fly-casting distance competition, twice exceeding 100-feet with a 5-weight line.

Gunn's travels to achieve fly-fishing's pinnacle look like a page from National Geographic: Australia for black marlin; New Guinea for black bass, saratoga (or spotted barramundi) and black marlin; Belize for bonefish, permit and tarpon (including two Grand Slams consisting of all three species in one day); Costa Rica for tarpon; Mexico for marlin, wahoo, roosterfish, dorado, yellowfin tuna and Pacific cubera snapper, Florida for tarpon and permit; Argentina for golden dorado and trout; and Alaska for rainbow trout, all five salmon species, grayling and northern pike. SHOW MORE >

Wendy, with her husband Terry, owns Lees Ferry Anglers and Cliff Dwellers Lodge in Marble Canyon, Arizona where she is general manager of operations. Lees Ferry Anglers is one of the largest fly-fishing outfitters in the world employing 14 full-time guides. Cliff Dwellers Lodge is a year-round lodge located at the base of 294,000 acre Vermilion Cliffs National Monument on the road that connects the North and South rims of the Grand Canyon.

In addition to cover photos on virtually every fly-fishing magazine, Wendy has been featured on television as the series host of "Fishing the West", "Americas Outdoor Journal", and "Fly Fish TV Magazine" which has aired on FOX, OLN and The Outdoor Channel. Her two fly-fishing videos are An "Introduction to Fly Fishing", and "An Introduction to Fly Casting".

An ardent conservationist, she is active in Trout Unlimited and other groups as well as Casting for Recovery, an organization that helps women recover from breast cancer. < SHOW LESS

Species of Focus: Trout, Pacific Salmon, Marlin, Tuna, Wahoo, Roosterfish & Dorado, Permit, Bonefish, & Tarpon

Regions of Focus: Grand Canyon-Lees Ferry, Belize, Alaska, Mexico

Topics of Focus: Fresh and Saltwater Fly Fishing

Available for Events within Regions: US and Canada


Day Rate: $$$ + L + T

Bob Mallard

Bio: Bob Mallard has fly fished for over 35 years. He has owned and operated a full-service fly shop in central Maine for the last 10+ years. Prior to this, Bob spent 20+ years in information technology and business consulting. His writing has appeared in local, state, regional and national; sporting, fly fishing and conservation publications. Bob ties flies and teaches fly tying in the winter. He has taught casting as well.

Bob spends over 100 days a year on the water. The streams, rivers and ponds of Maine are Bob’s home waters. His fly shop is located on the fabled Kennebec River. He also fishes New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut whenever he gets the chance -- which is often. Bob has travelled extensively in search of trout logging time on the water in New England, NY, NJ, PA, VA, WA, OR, MD, AZ, NM, UT, CO, WY, ID, MT and Canada. He heads west most years to fish for 3-4 weeks. SHOW MORE >

While predominantly a trout bum, Bob does chase some striped bass -- but that is about it. From small streams to big rivers, from small ponds to large lakes, from freestone to spring creek, from flats to surf; Bob fishes it all. He is as comfortable with a #2/0 deceiver or mouse as he is with a #2 streamer or #22 dry. He is as likely to be found pursuing 6” brookies as he is 20” browns. Bob rows, wades, tubes and paddles -- with very little time spent with a motor...

Bob is an unapologetic modern fly fisher and fly tackle junky. You won’t find any bamboo in his quiver, tweed in his closet, scotch in his flask, or a pipe hanging out of his mouth. He prefers packs to vests, large arbor to small arbor, drags to click-and-pawl, and graphite to most anything else -- with the exception of the occasional glass rod where it makes sense. He likes colored reels, titanium reel seats, textured lines, strike indicators and articulated streamers. He drinks beer not scotch -- albeit good beer. He likes his cigars. Although a history buff, Bob clearly prefers technology and performance to tradition. He owns 20+ fly fishing outfits at any time -- changing tackle as often as many change their cloths... He has rowed a driftboat for twenty years -- one of the first in New England. < SHOW LESS

Species of Focus: Brook, Brown, Rainbow and Cutthroat trout; as well as the occasional Stripers (catching big browns on streamers or hoppers is one of his favorite things)

Regions of Focus: Northeastern United States, Greater Yellowstone National Park, Ketchum Idaho

Topics of Focus: Tackle, technique, management, economics, marketing, conservation and the environment as they relate to fly fishing. Field testing and rating fly tackle -- with no punches pulled and no quarter given

Available for Events within Regions: US


Day Rate: $$$ + L + T

Chad McPhail

Bio: W. Chad "Mac" McPhail is an avid outdoor enthusiast locked in a constant struggle between working and searching for wild trout in the American Southwest. Texas Native. "Teacher of the Year 2007" Amarillo TX. President of Amarillo Fly Guys (Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing).

His sometimes perilous pursuits into the wilderness often includes fishing/writing buddy, Mark D. Williams, as well as an unsuspecting cast of other easily-duped buds and fam. Wesley (Mac's 12-yr old son) has been casting flies with his dad since the age of four, and is now in Jedi Training learning Mark & Mac's "Small Stream Guerilla Tactics." Other fishing books include "49 Trout Streams of Southern Colorado," and "Colorado Flyfishing: Where to Eat Sleep Fish.

Species of Focus: Wild Rainbow, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat Trout, and Bass

Regions of Focus: American Southwest

Topics of Focus: Small Stream Tactics

Available for Events within Regions: Continental US (Primarily Southwestern States)

Website: insearchofwildtrout.blogspot

Day Rate: $$$$ + L + T

Marc Payne

Bio: Marc Payne is a passionate lover of the outdoors. He is a writer, angler, teacher, and builder/restorationist of bamboo rods. His writing appears in several national periodicals and he is a columnist for Southern Trout Magazine. In the summer of 2012, Marc was selected to work with Trout Unlimited, The National Park Service and The Yellowstone Park Foundation after winning a writing competition in conjunction with Simms and The Outdoor Blogger Network. The focus of the trip surrounded the removal of lake trout from Yellowstone Lake and stream research throughout the National Park. SHOW MORE >

The streams of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park are Marc's home waters, but it is not unusual to see him on larger southern rivers like The South Holston or smaller streams in the southeast such as Helton Creek or The Nantahala. Not only does he write about fly fishing in the south, he teaches fly fishing techniques and his Riverdale Classic Bamboo fly rods have been used throughout the United States with much success.

Marc doesn't look at the catch as the end game. He realizes that it is the bigger picture of location, wildlife, and the stream itself that help make the sport of fly fishing the stuff of legend.

Marc is an excellent communicator and his presentations on the sport of fly fishing combine humor, history, education, and conservation in a way that informs without being a lecture.

You can also read Marc's work at his blog "The Perfect Drift" to learn more. < SHOW LESS

Species of Focus: Rainbow, Brown, Brook Trout, Smallmouth Bass

Regions of Focus: Southeastern United States, Yellowstone National Park, Michigan Trout Streams

Topics of Focus: Mountain Stream and Tailwater Skills, Conservation & the Environment as Related to Fly Fishing, Restoration and Repair of Bamboo Fly Rods

Available for Events within Regions: US


Day Rate: $$$ + L + T

Al Ritt

Bio: Al has fished as long as he can remember and has been fascinated with flies almost as long. Growing up in southern Michigan he fished primarily for warm water species, but remembers feeling magic in trout and trout flies. Al recalls making “flies” including forming his own “hooks” out of pipe cleaners. He took his first formal tying class in 1983 after moving to California. Since then he’s tied flies and fly fished for trout, grayling, bass, pike, panfish, catfish, carp, steelhead, salmon, bonefish, permit and other species. SHOW MORE >

Currently Al is a fly tying instructor as well as a fly fishing guide in Rocky Mountain National Park and several private waters in Northern Colorado. As Brand Manager for PEAK Fishing, a manufacturer of premium quality fly tying vises and equipment and bamboo rod making planing forms and tools, Al’s duties entail sales/marketing, product development and customer service.

Al is the Brand Manager for PEAK Fishing and PEAK Outdoors

Al is Fly Tying Editor for Fly Fusion Magazine

Al has written articles for Fly Fusion, Fly Fishing and Tying Journal, Fly Tyer and Hatches Magazines

Al was profiled in Colorado Trout Flies; Great Patterns and the Remarkable People Who Tie Them by Todd Hosman (Streamside Press), The Master’s Fly Box by David Klausmeyer (Globe Pequot) and contributed tips for Better Flies Faster by David Klausmeyer (Stackpole Books)

Al has patterns featured in 100 Best Flies for Montana Trout by Thomas R Pero (Wild River Press), Modern Midges by Rick Takahashi and Jerry Hubka (Headwater Books), 100 Best Flies for Colorado Trout by Thomas R Pero (Wild River Press) and A Fly Fisher’s Guide to Rocky Mountain National Park by Steven B Schwietzer (Pixachrome Publishing)

Al is a fly designer for Montana Fly Company

Al is a member of Trout Unlimited, a life member of the International Federation of Fly Fishers, a life member the IFFF Fly Tying Group and is currently a member of the IFFF Fly Tying Group Board of Governors.

As a demonstration tyer Al has appeared at numerous fly shops and expos including The Fly Fishing Show in Denver CO, Somerset NJ and Pleasanton CA, the International Sportsmans Expo in Denver CO, the FFF Annual Fly Fishing Fair in Loveland CO, West Yellowstone MT and Spokane, WA, New Mexico TU Fly Tying Expo in Albuquerque NM, East Idaho FFF Fly Tying Expo in Idaho Falls ID, Black Canyon Fly Fishing Show in Montrose CO, Western Colorado Fly Tying Expo in Grand Junction CO, West Denver TU Fly Tying Expo in Denver, FFF Southern Conclave in Mountain Home AR and the Midwest Fly Fishing Show in Warren MI.

Al is a member of the PEAK Fishing, Whiting Farms, Performance Flies, Flymen Fishing Company, Daiichi Hook, Clear Cure Goo and Fishing For A Cause pro teams. < SHOW LESS

Species of Focus: Trout, Steelhead, Flats Species

Regions of Focus: Colorado, secondarily Ascencion Bay

Topics of Focus: Fly tying in general or for specific species, High altitude trout fishing, Stillwater trout fishing, Destinations - Rocky Mountain National Park, Ascencion Bay, Dean River BC

Available for Events within Regions: North America


Day Rate: $$$ + L + T

Molly Semenik

Bio: Molly Semenik has guided and provided fly fishing instruction for the last 14 years in Livingston, Montana. Through her company Tie The Knot Fly Fishing, Molly and her team guide primarily on the Yellowstone and Madison Rivers and nearby spring creeks. Molly is also a nationally recognized fly fishing instructor and teaches fly fishing for coldwater and saltwater species, as well as spey casting with a two handed rod for steelhead and salmon. Molly regularly gives presentations and demonstrations at fly fishing clubs, civic organizations, sports expos and other national flyfishing gatherings. Molly uses lot's of exciting video clips in many of her presentations including fly fishing at Christmas Island, Steelhead in Alaska and fishing the Stonefly Hatch on the Salmon River near Ashton Idaho. She has also been featured in Tom Rosenbaur's "Orvis: How to Fly Fish Video Series." Since 2001, Molly has also been offering women's fly fishing destination trips since 2001. Molly enjoys accuracy competitions and won the "Best of the West" fly casting tournament in 2012. SHOW MORE >

Molly actively supports several fishing and conservation related non-profit organizations. She is very active as a Master Certified Casting Instructor (MCI) and as a member of the Casting Board of Governors for the International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF). Molly has also been involved with Trout Unlimited ever since she first fished the Au Sable River in Michigan in her early teens.

Molly's father, Charlie Moore, noted her keen interest in fly fishing and nurtured her development as a fly fisher. Charlie gave Molly his bamboo rod when she was in her teens. This very rod was on display at the American Museum of Fly Fishing in Manchester Vermont during the exhibition of "A Graceful Rise: Women in Fly Fishing Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" in which Molly herself was featured.

With her 18' RV filled with fishing equipment, photography equipment, and various Apple products, Molly embarked on the ultimate Montana road trip visiting and fishing each stream you will find in her upcoming book 25 of the Best Small Streams in Montana.

With each cast, her thoughts took her back to those early times with her father so many years ago. He would have loved to have been part of the book project - in retrospect, he was. < SHOW LESS

Species of Focus: Trout

Regions of Focus: Rocky Mountains

Topics of Focus: Fishing the Yellowstone River, fishing Montana spring creeks, small stream fly fishing, casting mechanics, presentation casts, distance casting, salt water casting

Available for Events within Regions: North America, Mexico, South America


Day Rate: $$$ + L + T

Oliver White

Bio: In a way, fly fishing saved Oliver White. A devastating skiing accident while he was an undergrad at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill fractured most of the major bones on one side of his body. His year-long rehabilitation - really, the only action he could accomplish - was fly casting. The simple, rhythmic motion helped heal his body and instilled a passion that gave his life a direction. He began pursuing that passion immediately after graduating with a degree in philosophy.

Oliver earned his stripes guiding fly anglers on the challenging streams and rivers of western North Carolina and east Tennessee. He quickly took the skills he learned and began traversing the world - Alaska, Chile, Venezuela before settling his guiding career between Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the fabled Rio Grande in Tierra del Fuego. It was there that a neophyte angler from New York City, a hedge fund owner who had won the trip at a charity auction, came into the lodge. The other guides wanted no part of this greenhorn, but Oliver was happy to take on the challenge. It proved to be a life-altering decision. SHOW MORE >

By week's end the client, Bill Ackman, had learned to fish - in fact his first fish on a fly was monster 22lb brown trout. In turn, he had offered Oliver a job with his firm, Pershing Square Capital Management. Clients often make hollow offers but this one was followed with a crate of business books awaited Oliver when he returned to Jackson for the summer season; accompanying the books, a letter from Ackman that asked Oliver to contact him when he finished reading. Oliver spent the summer guiding, reading, and contemplating. After finishing the season and the books he phoned Ackman, which resulted in a job offer as an analyst at Ackman's firm, Pershing Square Capital. It would be an intense, two-year education of financial markets, business, and accounting.

Ackman urged Oliver to pursue a business degree but Oliver had other ideas. He was ready to flex his own entrepreneurial instincts and saw opportunity on Abaco in the Bahamas to get back to his roots and passion for the outdoors and combine his newly honed business acumen. His fishing skills lead him to the place, his time in New York taught him how to run the numbers, structure the deal and close it.

With Ackman's support, Oliver put the deal together and built Abaco Lodge, linking with the Nervous Waters franchise of lodges. His natural marketing sense coupled with his industry relationships helped to land an ESPN2 series, Pirates of the Flats, that coincided with the Lodge's opening. That exposure coupled with consistent magazine coverage helped keep the Lodge full its first year and amazingly finish in the black -virtually unheard-of for a start-up.

Oliver himself has been the subject of numerous magazine stories, including a 2012 multi-page spread in Forbes. In addition to overseeing the operations at Abaco and Bair's Lodge on South Andros, he regularly leads fishing trips all over the world, including a recent expedition into Guyana where his group had the rare fortune to catch the pre-historic Arapaima on fly. Currently Oliver is working on his first book with Stonefly Press, cranking out a few articles, and still finding time to live the dream. < SHOW LESS

Species of Focus: Bonefish, Arapaima, Freshwater dorado, sea-run brown trout, trout

Regions of Focus: Bahamas, Argentina, Guyana, Western US, Southeast

Topics of Focus: Adventure fishing, Saltwater Schools, Conservation and Sport Fishing

Available for Events within Regions: Open to anything


Day Rate: $$$ + T

Mark Williams

Bio: Mark D. Williams is a 2013 Brock International Prize in Education Finalist and has published hundreds of articles and photos over the last twenty years in magazines, newspapers, online publications including Texas Sporting Journal, Backpacker, Men's Health, Dallas Morning News, Cowboys and Indians, Southwest Fly Fishing, ESPN, SPORT,,, Texas Fish and Game, Baseball Digest, Amarillo Globe News and many more. He is the fishing expert for and Away/ SHOW MORE >

Williams has published 20 books including So Many Fish So Little Time: The 1001 Best Places on Earth to Fish from Harper Collins. Other books include Trout Fishing Sourcebook, The Backpacking Flyfisher, Flyfishing Southwestern Colorado, Knots for Flyfishers and Freshwater Flyfishing Tips from the Pros (Fireside/Simon and Schuster.) He and his wife Amy wrote two books with Wayfinder Press (Top 30 Things to Do in Durango, Top 30 Things to Do in Telluride.) Williams has two books out this last year: Colorado Flyfishing: Where to Eat, Sleep and Fish co-written with Chad McPhail, published by Johnson Books; and An Introduction to Fly Fishing for Trout also co-written with Chad McPhail, published by Stonefly Press, due out March 2013. Williams is now also an iPad/iPhone app author -- his app, Freshwater Flyfishing From the Pros has 250 tips and 1000 photos from all the big names in the sport and many from guys and gals in the trenches, the ones who guide newbies daily.

Williams will have two more books coming out this and next year: 49 Trout Streams of Southern Colorado from University of New Mexico Press (with Chad McPhail); and in 2013, two more from Stonefly Press: 50 Best Places to Fly Fish the Southwest, and Fly Fishing New Mexico: Where to Eat, Sleep and Fish.

Williams has traveled the world but finds himself more and more fishing small streams in New Mexico and Colorado and working on his second novel. He also teaches high school English and Speech at North Heights Alternative School in Amarillo, Texas. < SHOW LESS

Species of Focus: Trout

Regions of Focus: Southwest USA (Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona), Spain, France, Andorra

Topics of Focus: All Things Trout

Available for Events within Regions: Continental United States, Western Europe

Website: homebasesfishingplaces.blogspot

Day Rate: $$$$ + L + T